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    Outdoor trash can maintenance methods and maintenance


    Outdoor trash can maintenance methods and maintenance:


            1. Material, process: The metal part of the barrel is made of 1.2mm cold-rolled steel plate, which can increase the service life of 2-3 years than the trash cans of common materials. Spraying outdoor plastic powder for electrostatic spraying, which maximizes the service life of the trash can, makes the color of the outdoor trash can bright, color lasting, strong anti-ultraviolet!


            2. Accessories: 1 galvanized liner inside the trash can (introduction to the liner material). The barrel body has handles to facilitate the operation of sanitation workers. With a trash lock and a key. Four fixed expansion bolts.


            3, the scope of application: This product is suitable for streets, communities, schools, parks and other public places, can also be used for staircases and other indoor environment, not only to maintain the environmental cleanliness, but also add color to your city!


            4, product maintenance and maintenance: Do not use a scrub with acidic or alkaline cleaners, just use a soft cloth with a touch of a little industrial alcohol to gently wipe the bright as new. When the outdoor use time is one year, you can use a special protective paint to regularly maintenance once, the operation is simple and convenient!